The Poacher Becomes The Poached

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Could karma look any better? Credit:

You know what I love reading about? How someone receives a heavy dose of karma. Today’s tale of someone getting what they deserve comes from South Africa, where lions have lived up to their name of being “Kings (or Queens) of the Jungle”.

Even though they don’t actually live in jungles…

According to BBC, an alleged poacher was killed and devoured by a pride of lions. The poacher was most likely in the process of hunting them when the incident happened.

Sweet Jesus!

I wouldn’t feel sorry for him. The article also states that last year three lions were found with their heads and paws removed after they were poisoned. At least these lions were polite enough to leave the guy’s head behind so authorities can identify him.

If you ask me, the poacher deserved it. Consider it a “hazardous risk of the job”, if you will. If you’re going to make a living killing animals so you can sell their body parts on the black market, be ready to potentially end up as their lunch-time meal.

I guess this gives a whole new meaning to “the circle of life”.






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